29:07:2018 Pastor’s Reflection

29:07:2018 Pastor's Reflection

A teenager is at that very critical phase of life where a character is developed to shape the future. At that point in life discipline is essential in helping teens grow and develop a Christian character that wins.

Even though a teen may follow advice and abstain from certain practices, this does not guarantee Christian character. Too often we measure Christian character by what people do, rather than by who they are. It is possible to change what people do, but not who they are. Through good behavior is a desirable character, and on which should be seen in all Christian, yet it is not necessarily  the mark of a Christian.

Christian character is who a person is. Our goal should be to help teens to change who they are that in turn will change what they do.

If young people are convinced of what to do and why to do it and if they make those choices based on biblical principles rather than on someone else code of conduct for them they will do what they should do and they won’t do what they should not do, because they will be what they should be.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

Teen need to know that God is concerned about every little daily task they undertake. This makes it necessary to involve God in every area of their lives because it is only God who is able to enable us to do the things pleasing in His sight and in the sight of man.

The theme of this year’s Teens Week – ENABLE taken from Philippians 4:13 should build confidence in the heart of everyone who follows the Lord and His word with a sincere heart.

I congratulate our Teens leaders and celebrate with our Teens.

Are you born-again? We are saved through faith in Christ.

Accept Jesus into your life today.

Welcome to the Service of Hope. Remain Blessed


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