Called Unto The Fellowship Of His Son

Called Unto The Fellowship Of His Son

TOPIC: Called Unto The Fellowship Of His Son.
TEXT: 1 Cor. 1:3-9
MINISTERING: Rev. Monday Usaide

There are some questions that trouble mind as a minister of the Gospel and they include;
1. Why are christians not able to keep the zeal with which they started the race?
2. Given the disposition of many and the temptation/trouble runabout us at this age and time when men no longer see virtue as some to pursue,
at this age and time when the love of many is waxing cold, the question is can we make it to the end?
3. How firm is our stand with Christ.

Some of us are a place in our lives that when we look back and see the things grace has done for us,
we will realise that God is exceedingly faithful.

Many of us who are believers will agree that our calling was divine. Our translation from darkness into light was not by our labour,
wealth or intelligence but by a divine power from God. The calling of God upon our live was very irresistible, we struggled with the call but obviously we didn’t prevail.
It was a gracious calling. What was there in man that qualified us to be called? This calling should arouse in us a high level of gratitude. If we flashback to the time we were called and where we are now,
we’ll realise that God is faithful.

We cannot move forward without having fellowship with God. One question we have to ask ourselves as believers is to what end or for what purpose did God call us?
We are called to receive Christ and walk with Him. We are called to have fellowship with Jesus Christ. Fellowship is all about having mutual and identical interest with God.

Implication of Having Fellowship With Christ.
i. Fellowship In His Love.
This means that what God loves that we will love also if we say we are His.

ii. The Desire of Christ.
– Are you in tune with the desires of Christ?
– He desires to see multitude saved, do you?

Christ had fellowship with His trials and joy, are we ready to fellowship with His trials? Being in fellowship with Christ means that His riches are ours.
We are called unto fellowship with Christ to be partakers of all that He has, including His glory. To be in fellowship with Christ is described by our Lord Jesus Christ in Matthew 13:45-46,
He said it is like a man looking for a percious pearl and when he found one, he sold all that he had and bought it.

Our security lies in God’s faithfullness. If God calls a man, He will never cast him away and that is our security. Having called us, He justifies us, and having justified us, He glorifies us.
If we can share in His suffering, then we will share in His glory. God will maintain His fellowship with us, but do we intend to do same?

We were made to understand in Psalm 16:8, that we must set the Lord before us always for this is the reason he called us.


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