Christ’s Joy and Our Joy

Christ's Joy and Our Joy

TOPIC: Christ’s Joy and Our Joy

TEXT: John 15:16; 16:33; 16:1; 15:11

MINISTERING: Rev. Monday Usiade



The book of John chapter 14, 15 and 16 is the valedictory speech of Jesus in reference to His disciples. Jesus was very clear in John 15:11 on why He had to address them, that the joy they have in walking with Him will remain and that they should not be discouraged.


  1. Jesus Gave Them Words of Instruction

Jesus gave them words of instructions on the nature of our relationship with the Father and Himself being the revelation of that truth.

Anyone who discovers the truth of a matter usually finds joy and this is because, truth kills the fear that comes with ignorance.

Jesus gave us these words of instructions that we may have hope, according to Romans 15:4.

  1. Jesus Spoke the Words of Warning.

Jesus told His disciples that they were branches of a vine and those branches which bear no fruit will be cut off, while those that bears fruit will be pruned.

Just as children throw stones at a Mango tree with ripe fruit, so also will a man that has something to offer be thrown stones at.

Romans 5:3-5, everything said to us by Christ by way of warning, takes away sorrow from us.

  1. Jesus Spoke Humbling Words. John 15:4

This brings us down to our truest position of absolute dependence on Jesus. Once you know in your heart that you are an extension of somebody and without Him you can do nothing, then you must be able to give him glory because without him you can do nothing.

  1. Jesus Spoke Words of Promise. John 15:7

Do any of us lack joy at this moment? Do we feel wary at this time? Then listen to what is said by Jesus in John 15:7. When we receive these promises, let them not fall on stony or thorny ground but on fertile soil that brings forth fruit, so that our joy may abound.

  1. Jesus Spoke Words of Precepts.

If Christ denies you anything, know that it is for your good, and if He commands you to do anything, obedience will bring you the greatest joy.


A child knows that his father loves him but while he is very sure that his father will not cease to love him, the father will be displeased when that child goes astray.

When a child knows that his father is at peace with him, that child will be happy. A child cannot boldly come to the father to ask for anything when he knows the father is not pleased with him.


What are the Ways We Can Really Please Jesus and have Joy in His Own Pleasure?

  1. Abide in Him.

If you continue day by day to abide in God, He will look upon you with satisfaction in His heart.


  1. When We Bring Forth Fruits (The Fruits of Our heart). John 15:16

The fruit we bring forth brings glory to God. Also, the fruits we bear must remain. Jesus had joy in fruit-bearing disciples and whatever we ask at that point, He will do.


  1. When We Keep His Commandments. John 15:17

The commandment is that we should love one another as He loved us. Christ is not pleased with those that do not love others.


What is Christ’s Joy?

  1. The joy of Christ is the joy of abounding in his father’s love.
  2. Christ’s joy was also the joy of friendship with His disciples. John 15:15

Friends of Jesus are those who have intimate fellowship with Christ.

  1. Christ’s joy is the delight in glorifying His father.



  1. No other joy remains except that of our Lord Jesus Christ because it follows us from now to eternity.

The atonement that Jesus gave us does not lose its efficacy irrespective of the circumstances around us.

  1. His Joy remains in us because this joy is full.


Two Things to Note if your Joy is full

  1. No other joy can be added.
  2. There is no room for sorrow.


In conclusion, the manifestation of this joy can be liked to man with a glass of water that is filled to its brim.

This man will not be able to jump up. This signifies the quietness of the Spirit.

The constant goal of Christ was to bring glory to the father.


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