Divine Covenant

Divine Covenant


TOPIC: Divine Covenant

TEXT: Leviticus 26:9

MINISTERING: Rev. Ademola Babatunde



On a general note the dictionary define “Covenant” as an agreement, usually formal, between two or more persons to do or not do something specified.

Divine Covenant is a formal declaration of God’s will and purpose that expresses His deep love for humanity.

Divine Covenant is an administration of grace which emanates from the sovereign good pleasures of God.

Divine Covenant is a relational arrangement, initiated by God’s sovereign display of His goodness toward man. Divine Covenant starts with God and come to man.

It contains both a promise and an obligation. It is to be passed from generation to generation in order that all the families of the earth might be blessed.



  1. Covenant With Adam. Genesis 1:26

God conceived the idea of creating man in His own image and according to His likeness. God’s covenant with Adam is in two parts; first in Eden in the time of man’s innocence (Genesis 1:26)

and the second, the promise of a Redeemer in the time of the fall of man, God’s covenant with Adam centred upon the curse of the Satan’s tool in Genesis 3:14 and the praise of the Redeemer in Genesis 3:15

  1. Covenant With Noah. Genesis 9:11

Noah and his family had been favourably saved from the wrath of God which had destroyed the rest of the human race. Noah is the connecting link be “the world that there was” and “the world which now is”.

This is God’s way in the Old Testament to reveal Christ’s redemption.

iii. Covenant With Abraham. Genesis 12:3

God man Abraham the depository of the divine promises. The central promise of God’s covenant with Abraham was for all families of the earth to be blessed.

This gives hope not only to the Jews but also the Gentiles. The great purpose of the covenant with Abraham was to make known the stock from which the Messiah was to emerge.

  1. Covenant With Moses. Exodus 19:5

The parties in this covenant were the Lord God and Israel. This is a type of the covenant made with true believers in Christ Jesus. If they reject His covenant, He will reject them and they would lose the benefit of His covenant.

This covenant required outward obedience to the commandment.

  1. Covenant of a Messiah (New Covenant). Jeremiah 31:31,33

The New Covenant is formally inaugurated by the shed blood of Jesus Christ Matthew 26:26-29. Christ brings the blessings of the New Covenant to us through what He does, not us. The benefits of redemption include justification, adoption, sanctification and glorification.

These benefits are enjoyed by all in the New Testament. The life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ fulfilled every aspect of the divine covenant.


  1. It is Conceived by God. Genesis 8:21
  2. It is Established by God. Genesis 9:9

iii. It is Confirmed by God.

  1. It is Fulfilled by God. Genesis 12:2


  1. Seek God First. Matthew 6:33

To seek God is to die to self. Putting your life under God’s control in full surrender to Him by being the most important possession.

  1. Serve the Lord. Exodus 23:25-26

God demand that we use our time, talent and treasures to serve Him. This makes us enjoy benefits of Divine Covenant. Create opportunities to serve God in any way.

iii. Submit in Obedient. Isaiah 1:19

A life of obedience attracts supernatural blessings.

  1. Have Sincere Faith in Him. Hebrews 11:6

Hold on to God’s word above every other word.

In conclusion, when you present to God a worthy sacrifice, He becomes committed to confirm His covenant in your life. There is no better sacrifice than to present yourself as a living sacrifice to the Lord. Romans 12:1.



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