Dominion Mandate Through Prayer

Rev. Ademola Babatunde preaching on Dominion Mandate

TEXT: 2 Corinthians 10:3-5

MINISTERING: Rev. Ademola Babatunde


Dominion Mandate is the governing authority given to man by God.

It is about exercising control, and it’s not a funfair but a warfare. This warfare can only be won in the place of prayer.

Prayer is a spiritual communication between man and God.

The greatest tragedy in life is not about unanswered prayer but in un-offered prayer.

Prayer is the lifeline of a believer.

Any believer that is not praying has started breaking away from faith.


We should be concerned about our prayer life because prayer is:

  1. A Mode of Kingdom Relationship. Proverbs 15:8; Galatians 4:6

Prayer is an intimate channel of communication between Father and son (Matthew 6:9).

Prayer unites us in our relationship with God.

  1. A Manner of Kingdom Reinforcement. Psalm 50:15

Prayer affords us the opportunity to invite God to act in our situation.

  1. A Medium of Kingdom Reign. Matthew 18:18

Prayer is the medium by which the authority of heaven is exercised on earth.

  1. A Mean of Kingdom Retainment. Psalm 91:1

The place of prayer is dwelling in the secret place of the Most High.

A prayer-less Christian has disconnected himself from the source of his existence, hence his place in the Kingdom becomes threatened


  1. Pray With Purpose. 1 John 5:14

Purposeful prayer follows after the Word of God (Acts 4:29).

Purposeful prayer is a prayer with the right motive.

  1. Pray With Persistence. Luke 11:9

Persistence means to continue steadfastly and firmly without giving up.

Your prayer should not be driven by your feelings but by your inner determination to pray.

Praying with persistence is an indication of your trust in God.

  1. Pray With Passion. Luke 9:28-29

It is prayer from the heart and not just from the head. It is having a strong enthusiasm or desire to pray.


  1. Prayer is a Duty. Luke 18:1

Prayer is a mandate, task and obligation God expects from His children.

Ceaseless prayer will usher you to a season of dominion.

  1. Prayer is a Deal. John 16:24

Prayer is God’s appointed way for us to get anything from Him. It is a deal between God and man.

  1. Prayer is a Decider. Matthew 7:8

Prayer decides your place in God’s Kingdom.


In Conclusion, God is committed for us to exercise Dominion Mandate. It is a duty that is placed in our life.

Prayer should be a distinguished lifestyle of a believer. Your prayer needs to be effective to bring the right result


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