Emerging Fruit

Rev. Babatunde preaching on Emerging Fruit

TOPIC: Emerging Fruit
TEXT: John 15:16
MINISTERING: Rev. Ademola Babatunde

EMERGING means to come forth into view of notice. It also means coming forth from a place shut off from view, from concealment or obscurity to become apparently noticed.
FRUIT refers to anything produced. This is a product, result, or effect of something within.
For us to be fruitful, we must have Trust and Hope in God.
It is not God’s intention for a christian to just believe or just flow through life. God has created you uniquely and deposited something inside of you and on this account,
you have been commissioned to go forth and bring fruit.

i. Fruit of Righteousness. Philippians 1:10-11
Righteousness is the quality or state of being just or rightful. This is the state of being right with God and man in everything.

ii. Fruit of the Spirit. Galatians 5:22-23
The fruit of the Spirit is a revelation of the character of a new man living in Christ. Works of the flesh are what we can do on our own strength but fruit of the spirit comes from a new
nature and new identity in Christ. When God’s spirit comes to live inside us, He gives us a new character that grows from God’s presence in our lives, we can then depend on Him to
bring forth that fruit He has placed in us.

i. It Gives us Identity. Luke 6:44
Every tree is know by its fruit. To get a good fruit is not by accident, it requires the service and dedication farmer with hard work and discipline. In the same manner,
a Christian that wants to be identified by good fruits must be diligent and disciplined. Fruit is a mar of identity.

ii. It Gives us Divine Favour. John 15:7
A life that abides in God and His word will become an attraction for divine favour. When we live a life that produces fruit, our requests would be granted and our desires become fulfilled.

iii. It Gives Glory to God. John 15:8
Bringing forth good fruit glorifies God. This is an honour to God because it shows the power of God’s word and because a christian is restored to the divine image.

i. Define Your Person. Ephesians 2:10
How you define your person will guide how you live your life. Wrong definition takes you far from God, but a correct definition brings you closer to Him.
God created us in Christ Jesus for good works in which we should walk.

ii. Define Your Purpose. Colossians 1:10
Purpose is the reason for your existence. It is something put in place by design and intentionally. The purpose of our existence as Christians is to walk worthy of Him here on earth.
The way to do this is by bringing forth much spiritual fruit. Until you define your purpose, the fruit cannot emerge.

iii. Define Your Passion. Psalm 42:1
Passion is a strong affection or enthusiasm for something. What you have a strong affection for will determine the direction of your life. The fruit that we bear is sharpen by the action we took.
Passion for God is characterized by a life of fellowship in His word and in prayer. Without passion, there cannot be progress.

In conclusion, following God halfheartedly cannot produce the desired fruit. If you seek Him with all your heart, that desired fruit of greatness will emerge.


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