Faith For Supernatural lifting

Faith for supernatural lifting

TOPIC: Faith for Supernatural Lifting
TEXT: 1 Samuel 1:8, Hebrew 11:6, Psalm 75:4-7
MINISTERING: Pst. Christian Chikere

If you must get a lifting/reward from the Lord, you must come in faith.
True lifting only comes from God and if we must get it, we must seek it diligently. A family that will pursue and
successfully attain supernatural lifting will seek from the true source through that which most pleases God – faith.

1. FAITH UNDERSTOOD. Hebrew 11:1
Knowing what faith is not will give a firm understanding of what it is.
i. Faith is not a leap into the dark.
Faith is following step by step. you may not see the every end but a light that will direct you step by step will always be there.

ii. Faith is not believing in a thing without evidence. Romans 10:14-17
The evidence here is the spoken word of God.

iii. Faith is not believing with the heart without knowledge. Psalm 9:10
There must be a knowing before you can trust.
Faith is based on knowledge and agreement with the mind which leads to the appropriation of what is promised.
Faith is like an invoice you provide to claim that which God has made available to you.

Faith is key in attaining all round supernatural lifting.

The Role of Faith in Supernatural Lifting
i. Faith Humbles. Matthew 23:12, 1 Peter 5:5-6
Having placed all your trust in Him, there is no pride left to build any wall of resistance to your lifting.

ii. Faith Releases.

iii. Faith Envisions. Joshua 6:2, Mark 8:18
You become what you behold, it is not just day-dreaming but a reality that dawns on you as a result of absolute trust in God.

iv. Faith Builds. Colossians 2:7, Jude vs 20
The extent to which you are rooted, to that extent you can be lifted.

v. Faith Strengthens in waiting. Psalm 27:13
Put on faith to ward off discouragement, disappointment and fear to receive light at the end of the tunnel.

In conclusion, build your faith for its inevitable bases for the supernatural lifting that comes from God alone.


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