Living by the Word

Living by the Word

TOPIC: Living by the Word.

TEXT: John 15:7

MINISTERING: Rev. (Mrs) Abiola Babatunde


What is Sunday School?

The Sunday school is the arm of the church that supports the ministry of the Pastor in raising up people who will abide in Him and live by the word.

The Sunday school;

  1. Reaches Out

It reaches out to persons of all ages motivating them to give an honest hearing to the Gospel.

  1. Teaches

It is the teaching arm of the church that guides the learning of Biblical truth.

  1. Win Souls for Christ.

In the Sunday school, the Gospel is communicated in an understanding manner, motivating a person to respond by accepting salvation.

  1. Disciples are Made. Matthew 28:19-20

The Sunday school cares for all so that they will carefully observe to do what is written in the word of God.


What Does The Sunday School Offer?

– The Sunday school offers knowledge. Hosea 4:6

– The Sunday school offers nurture. Eph. 6:4

– The Sunday school offers admonition.



  1. Get Knowledge. 2 Tim. 3:16

The best place to get knowledge is the Sunday School, Bible study, e.t.c

  1. Be Nurtured. Deut. 11:19-20

Make yourself available to be taught and get nurtured by the word of God.

Sunday school and Bible study supports you in your living by the word. The Sunday school supplements the work done at home.

Some of the Responsibilities of the Parents as it Regards to Nurturing;

  1. Father. Titus 2:1

– Sets the standard for godly living.

– Be a living demonstration of “living by the Word”.

– Behave well.


  1. Mother. Titus 2:3

– Be a Good Example.

– Be Self-controlled.

– Be a Teacher.

  1. Abide in Him. John 15:7

– Remain United to Him by a Living Faith.

– Depend on Him.

– Obey Him.

– Imitate Him.



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