Signs Of Emerging Fruit

Signs Of Emerging Fruit

TOPIC: Signs of Emerging Fruit
TEXT: John 15:1-2
MINISTERING: Rev. Ademola Babatunde

In John 15:1-2, Jesus identified Himself as the true vine. As Jesus is the true Vine,
the Father is the Vine dresser and we as believers are the branch.
It is the responsibility of the branch to bear good fruit. How we live our lives as Christians,
will determine how much fruit we bear. We need to know that the issue of bearing fruit is
not limited to soul-winning alone.We should bring forth the fruit in our thought, in our word, and in our deeds.
In view of the importance of fruit bearing,
every believer should walk consciously in the light of the emerging fruit.

1. Rejecting the Appearance of Sin. John 15:3

A believer receives cleansing by the Word at Salvation.
A fruitful christian recognizes the appearance of sin and deals with it.
One of the things that can deter our growth in Christ is when we pretend that we have no sin.

2. Fellowship With Christ. John 15:4

Abiding in Christ is to abide in the presence of the Lord.
How you walk in fellowship with Christ will determine how we bear fruit.
One of the problems we have as Christians is that we don’t make use of the opportunities God has given to us.
As we abide in His presence, the overwhelming presence of God takes over everything.
When we don’t fellowship with Christ, then we are outside the power of God.
When a man’s fellowship with God is defective, it’s a sign that no fruit is emerging.
Without fellowship with Christ, our lives becomes empty.

3. Depending on God for Everything. John 15:5

We need to get to that point in life where we abandon our lives to Christ.
We must see God in everything, and see everything in God. Proverbs 3:5-6
We’re indeed nothing without God.

4. Paying Closer Attention to Eternal Life more than the Physical Life.

Colossians 3:1-2
The greatest gift that a man can have is the gift of eternal life.
The mindset of many, even in the Church, today is so defective and carried away by the things on the earth.
The mindset of a fruit bearing believer is on the things above.
No matter how sweet and attractive the things of this world, it cannot be compared with the beauty of eternal life.
This world is a passing stage, eternity is forever and ever.
We ought to live every single day building an eternal life in Christ.
He who sets his mind on earthly things will have more questions than answers.

5. Willingness to Obey God’s Commandment.. Jeremiah 7:21-23

Disobedience is a sign of not being in tune with God.
Obedience is a desired fruit God is looking for in a believer that abides in Him.

6. Readiness to Serve God While It Is Day. John 9:4

Ability to recognize that we don’t have all the time in this world is a sign of Christian maturity.
Every believer should know the day time and the night time.
Every single minute is an opportunity given to us by God to serve Him.
No one knows when the night would come, so the time given to us by God on this side of eternity should not be wasted.

1 John 2:28
Jesus is surely coming again to judge everyone.
Anyone who do not abide in Him would be ashamed at His coming.
May we be found prepared for His coming.


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