TOPIC: Grooming The Next Generation

TOPIC: Grooming The Next Generation

TEXT: Zech. 1:17-20, Isaiah 60:15-18

Grooming is to prepare or train someone for an appointment, it also means to train someone to takeover.
Life in general can be compared to a race from one generation to another and the church needs to understand life is not just a race but a relay race.
God is not only concerned about how we run but who we hand over the baton to during the course of the race. Judges 2:7-11
True prosperity is not about how much you have in possession or how much you earn, but how much of God you have in you.

1. To create the awareness of the problems that are challenging the youth in this present age.
2. To play a significant role in helping to groom the next generation with great care, because the race could easily be lost if we fumble the process.
3. To protect and defend the upcoming generation.
4. To help identify, impact and improve on the great potentials of the future youths of our great organization.

As we focus on this very important assignment of grooming the next generation, we can’t shift our attention from:
1. The problem facing the present youth (Isaiah 60:15)
2. The prophetic facts for the future youths (Zechariah 1:17)
3. The protection formula for the future youths (Isaiah 60:21-22)
4. The prosperity file of the future youths (Isaiah 60:16-18)

Friends, it is not too late to start grooming the next generation.
The best way to groom the next generation is to actually mind from the beginning what really matters at the end.

1. Who will take over the baton from you?
2. What are you doing joyfully for Christianity?


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